The Band Bio

Formed in 2010, THE ONE HIT WONDERS have become known as Cleveland's FUN band for a reason - they are a dynamic show band performing all the great one hit wonder songs you love, alongside today's biggest hits. Seamlessly blending every genre of music, Siren, Lucky, Chance & Rocket combine top notch musicianship with outstanding lead vocals and harmonies that rival or exceed the originals!

Their expansive playlist includes rock from the 60s, disco from the 70s, dance from the 80s, hip hop from the 90s and hits of today that blend those many styles. Groove to their original mash-ups and medleys; dance and sing along to rock, pop, crossover country hits, and funky faves old and new!

Siren's Bio

Siren (Danielle Barker) doesn't remember a time when she wasn't singing. She started performing in musical theater at age 12 but her heart belonged to rock n roll. Musical talent has been passed down to her from generations of great musicians including grandparents uncles and cousins. She owes her singing career to her music lover sister who took her to her first audition and to her extremely supportive parents who still rarely miss a show. When not blowing your mind with her dynamic vocals with The One Hit Wonders or The Two Hot Wonders, she loves being a stay at home mom of 3, watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 and spending time with her huge family. She feels blessed being able to be in a band with the love of her life and two of her best friends

She wants it known she is the singer and while you will find her playing keyboards on occasion, it's only under extreme pressure from Lucky.

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Rocket's Bio

Rocket (Silas Barker) has been in percussion since 11 years old. He comes from a family full of musical talent, starting with father Phil Barker, lead guitarist of the legendary Cleveland band Flatbush. Rocket's rambunctious energy and infectious personality guarantees a good time for all at every One Hit Wonder show, as you will find him running through the club during acoustic moments, engaging the crowd. He loves being a good father, husband and friend and when he's not rocking the stage he's out enjoying the sunshine, golfing as much as possible!!

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Lucky's Bio

Lucky (Tony Demko) is a self proclaimed music slut. Raised during the rock and roll revolution, he is drawn to any music with a groove - which explains his distaste for opera and soft rock. With no interest in mastering an instrument, he leans more toward being a "jack of all instruments", playing bass, keyboards and acoustic guitar in the band, even joining Rocket for a two man drum solo in "This is How We Na-Na", one of the bands popular mashups.

He is a songwriter, founder of the original band Generation Gap (94-01) and has recorded a number of CD's - Lucky's Original Music 
For free downloads click on the Music link.

He also teams up with Siren for The Two Hot Wonders, an acoustic duo

While music is his lifeblood, his other interests include traveling, tennis, drinking, working on his home, pondering the universe, hanging with his grandchildren and partying with his best friends - all with his wife and love of his life Patricia,

His plans are to wring every ounce of life out of his existence.

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Chance's Bio

Chance (Mike Tipton) has been around music for most of his life. His father sang and worked hard to be his own Elvis impersonator and his mother was a night club singer when she met his father. Before the age of 2, Mike was singing Beatles songs while jumping on the furniture, which earned him the nickname "Beatle Bug".
That musical upbringing still surrounds his daily life, which includes repairing electronic music gear, running his studio mtprosound and performing as guitarist /vocalist Chance with The One Hit Wonders. A songwriter with several solo albums to his credit, Mike has enjoyed a versatile career covering multiple genres of music, balancing original bands like Paradoxx and Espionage with cover bands Full Circle, Second Time Around and now OHW.
Outside of music, his biggest love and inspiration is wife Patti and his family. Other interests include photography, astronomy ("I learned most of my patience living in Cleveland waiting for those rare clear nights!”), baseball and football, cheering on the Indians, Browns and Buckeyes.

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